Hillary’s Past Indiscretions Revealed by Former Right Hand


In 2007 Slick Willie Clinton filmed a campaign lie, I mean video, for his wife, Hitlery. He began with a declaration that he wanted to share some things about Hitlery that the public may not know. He then proceeded to lie his ass off.

Slick conveniently left out Hitlery’s many White House screaming, cursing monologues, including the time Hitlery smashed her husband’s face with a vase, giving him a “put-a-steak-on-it” black eye, as reported by a Secret Service agent on duty that night.

And I’m sure Slick simply forgot to mention Hitlery’s complete disregard for the welfare of others, like the time she fired the entire White House travel staff so that she could give the lucrative gig to her personal friends.

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