Why Hillary’s Get-Out-of-Jail-Free Card Shouldn’t Be Surprising


Seriously.  Did you really think that a Justice Department controlled by Obama and his FBI Director were going to indict Hillary?

You shouldn’t be surprised.

What this proves is that for many people they are finally realizing how truly lawless this administration is. Obama operates on a different set of rules than the rest of us.

Republicans should be hammering his lawlessness. Republicans should be putting Obama’s ideology on trial.  It’s a mistake to suggest that Obama is incompetent and we simply need a better manager in the White House or a smarter manager in the White House who can make better deals than him.

This also proves that the idea that somehow Americans are going to suddenly wake up, see that lawlessness and defeat Hillary Clinton because of her criminal activity is not going to happen.

For many years, as far as I can remember going back to Bill Clinton’s presidency, Rush and Hannity would peddle outrage 24/7 of Clinton corruption.  People were going to see how bad it was.  People also were going to see how bad Obama is and would rise up and stop him at the ballot box.

It never happened.

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