Hillary’s Foreign Donations: Is She Naïve, Entitled, or Just Crooked?


As the world now knows, Bill and Hillary Clinton received enormous amounts of money from foreign governments while serving as Secretary of State. Not surprisingly—after all she is a Clinton—Hillary now claims there is no conflict of interest in accepting six-figure “speaking fees” from foreign governments. According to Mrs. Clinton, receiving $500,000 for a speech is the Clinton’s just due and nothing for the American public to be concerned about. In a response worthy of her husband’s infamous “I-did-not-have-sex-with-that-woman” denial, Mrs. Clinton called questions about speaking fees from foreign governments nothing but “distractions” and—you will love this—“rightwing conspiracy theories.” That’s right. The author of that infamous discredited concept—“the Great Rightwing Conspiracy”—is once again seeing conspiracies at work.

For a presidential candidate to believe that serious allegations of influence peddling are just “distractions” is even scarier than the Clinton’s acceptance of six-figure speaking fees from foreign governments. Her response suggests that Hillary Clinton is: 1) incredibly naïve, 2) unbelievably entitled, or 3) hopelessly crooked. It could take a while to apply this test, but all that needs to be done to prove that foreign governments were trying to buy influence with their donations to the Clinton Foundation is wait until Hillary is no longer a viable presidential candidate. Once that happens let’s see how many nations are still willing to pay her foundation six-figures for a single speech. I suspect Hillary knows that her status on the speaking circuit is going to change quickly once she no longer has any influence to peddle.
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