Hillary Will Complete the Transformation to Socialism Obama Started


One of the things Americans should question about Hillary Clinton is her life in politics; and not just her abysmal record but the fact that she has spent most of her working life in politics.   Other than a brief time as an attorney in a private firm, Hillary Clinton has spent her working life as a politician or a politician’s wife; and in her case there is no distinction between the two. Consequently, at a time in America’s history when we need a president with an entrepreneurial spirit, positive work ethic, and a commitment to capitalism and personal responsibility, the leading Democratic candidate is a confirmed big-government statist. This fact should be an important factor in the next presidential election, provided of course the feckless Republican Party can bolster the will to exploit it.

After eight years of President Obama’s socialist economic policies; policies that encourage unproductive people to think they are entitled to what others work hard to earn, many Americans will be ready for a president who appreciates capitalism, entrepreneurship, personal responsibility, and the work ethic. Hillary Clinton is not that person. Correspondingly, any one of the umpteen Republican candidates could be that person—provided of course that at least one of them will step forward and boldly proclaim that the entitlement mentality is killing America even when speaking to groups who do not want to hear the truth.

America became an economic superpower not by accident, chance, or luck but because it was blessed with a capitalist economy, entrepreneurs who thrived in a free-market environment, and people with a positive work ethic who took personal responsibility for their lives, asking for nothing but opportunity. Entrepreneurship is about identifying a need, developing an idea to meet that need, and braving the risks involved to transform the idea into businesses, businesses that in turn create jobs. America’s history is replete with the inspiring stories of successful entrepreneurs. John Deere was such an individual. His story illustrates what is wrong with the Obama/Clinton worldview as it relates to economics.

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