Hillary Suffers Two More Massive Coughing Fits On Stage- How Sick Is She?


What’s the old saying? “Where there’s smoke, there’s a fire?” This likely holds true for two very different situations that the Clinton campaign seems to be involved in. The first is the ongoing (and years’ long) investigation into Hillary Clinton’s private email servers and their connection to the Clinton Foundation. The second, and the one we’ll focus on here, has to do with Hillary Clinton’s obviously fragile health. The FBI investigation revitalized some concerns over Clinton’s mental well-being when it was noted that she had much difficulty remembering the events of recent years, due in part to surviving a blood clot and to a concussion she suffered. However, there have been other concerns with her odd behaviorson the campaign trail, and most visibly, the harsh coughing fits that she seems to be suffering more and more often.

On Labor Day Mrs. Clinton was in Cleveland, Ohio campaigning when she suffered her worst coughing fit of the campaign, forcing her to stop several times during her speech, and keeping her voice noticeably off for her entire appearance. Clinton tried to play off the attack by saying, “Every time I think about Trump I get allergic.”

Later in the day, Hillary was traveling away from Cleveland and speaking to reporters on her plane when she fell into another spasm of coughing…

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