Hillary Lashes Out at Rape Victim Survivor at Town Hall Event


At a small town hall event in Derry New Hampshire this past Sunday, State Rep. Katherine Prudhomme-O’Brien (R) repeatedly asked Hillary Clinton about her husband’s past sexual misconduct.

After her third attempt at requesting a response from the presidential candidate, Hillary lashed out at her (characteristically) and stated she would not call on the State Rep. in order to answer the question.

“I asked her how in the world she can say that Winnie Broaddrick and Kathleen Willie are lying when she has no idea who Winne Broaddrick is, because she told me this summer that she doesn’t know who she is—she doesn’t want to know who she is,” Prudhomme-O’Brien explained.

“How can she asses that they’re lying, which is what she told someone last month? She says that rape victims should be believed, I agree with her. That’s true. They should be believed and you should assess what they’re saying. She doesn’t even want to asses it.”

The CNN reporter asked why Clinton matters to her.

“Because I am a rape survivor myself,” she replied. “Of course it would matter to me.

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