Hillary drips condescenion towards Hispanic community


Gorsh, as Goofy might say: You sure have to admire candidate Hillary Clinton for her communication skills.

When she’s not affecting a ridiculous-sounding black accent or southern drawl, she is reaching out to Hispanic voters in a campaign ad that underscores, among other things, the importance of “respeto” for “los mujeres.”

Here is the ad, whose headline alone drips with condescension toward Latino voters who, with a little prodding from Billary, will immediately spot the similarities between her and their abuela (right down to granny’s dyed-blond hair and blue eyes).

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It seems that the world is not impressed with her blatant disrespect. Soon, the hashtag #NotMyAbuela was circulating as a critique of what some saw as a tone-deaf move to pander to a powerful but marginalized bloc of voters.

Her critics point out that Clinton did not grow up poor like their relatives, and was not separated from loved ones by country borders.

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