Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders Trying To Out Socialist Each Other


Following her “summer of discontent,” Hillary Clinton is feeling the Bern. Vermont’s self-avowed socialist Senator, who has become Hillary’s primary rival on the Democrat side of the presidential race, Bernie Sanders is rapidly becoming the frontrunner in New Hampshire and on the march in Iowa, partly because Hillary Clinton illegally sent classified information to a secret email address and partly because she barely appears to be a human being.

Sanders’ rise has led Hillary to begin sprinting to the left, for instance vowing to put employers “in jail” for “wage theft,” just the kind of rhetoric that will help drive economic growth (not). But one of the more interesting areas the two are jousting for left wing supremacy is over setting price controls on pharmaceutical drugs.

Clinton, who, don’t forget, came up with the infamous “Hillarycare” plan in the 1990s that was even to the far left of Obamacare, started the bidding earlier this year by lacing her rhetoric with euphemisms for price controls like “premium caps,” “cost caps,” and so on. Why is it that Democrats always have to come up with misleading catch phrases for their policy ideas?
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