Hillary Backs Off Plan To Exploit Hurricane Matthew To Promote Her Campaign


Never let a crisis go to waste.

As Hurricane Matthew was bearing down on the Florida coast, it was politics as usual for Team Clinton. The campaign planned to exploit the storm by purchasing ad time on the Weather Channel. However, once the campaign received backlash on social media for nakedly politicizing a disaster that had already claimed upward of 400 lives on the island of Haiti, the ad buy was canceled.

Former press secretary Kristy Campbell responded to the gaffe on Twitter:

In ways, this mistake comes as no surprise. Clinton has run an exceedingly ham-handed and undisciplined campaign. That last several days have witnessed multiple reports of the candidate’s inauthenticity, such as arranging to have a professional child actress ask a question on body shaming at a town hall event in Pennsylvania. Then again, what would you expect from a woman who, as secretary of state, maintained a secret email account and private server that she used to transmit highly classified state documents?

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