High School Student Suspended Over Poem


by Carly Hill

Roses are red.
Violets are blue.
He’s really mean.
And she is too.

Ah, poetry. Deep. Thought Provoking. A perfect medium for freedom of speech. Enemy to the government and of course the education system.

An Ohio high school student was suspended this week for writing a poem that his school described as “hazing” and “harassment.”

Here’s the poem, as reported on Breitbart.com:

Losing season,
Non stop passes from best friend to best friend,
Continuously doing what doesn’t work,
The inability to separate being a father and a coach,
Dropped passes,
But yet still the “super star”,
Yeah right.
Where’s my scholarship?
I can drop passes,
Run backwards,
Miss tackles,
And be afraid to take a hit.
That’s top of the line Div. 1 material right there.
If that’s what they wanted,
They definitely got it.
This whole town will be glad when he’s gone.
For anyone who doesn’t understand what I’m saying,

I was a teacher for a couple years after I got my degree. I am all for discipline and keeping kids safe. In fact, I don’t have any problem with a student getting in trouble for bullying. If I put my kid in a public school, I’d expect nothing less than teachers and administrators protecting the other students from bullies.

I just think that this little high school incident is (unfortunately) a mini-replica of how freedom of speech is now dealt with in America. Should a high school student get in trouble for saying or writing something mean? Of course. Should an adult face legal action because of their words or expressing an opinion? I can’t even believe we are living in times where that is a valid question.

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