High Noon: Obama & The Senate Must Surrender To The Heartland


by Donald Joy

The pressure is on, the stakes are extremely high, and the clock is ticking towards the hour of reckoning. With the nation’s borrowing limit about to be reached only ten days from now, the country and the financial markets are starting to freak out about the week-long deadlock over funding the federal government.

Very soon, the Tea Party and Main Street U.S.A. will prevail over Hyde Park/Haight-Ashbury socialism in this standoff over paying for Obamacare and for federal operations. Obama and his allies will blink.

First of all, our cause is just. Obamacare is not even a legitimate piece of legislation–explained further below–and we have most of the country on our side. The majority of Americans simply don’t want the 3,000-page nightmare of job-killing, checkbook-busting, bureaucratic central planning and control-freak tyranny that is Obamacare. And more and more people are waking up to the fact that their personal, private medical decisions will be handed over to faceless, big-government thugs at distant desks if the ill-conceived law is allowed to be implemented. Even Sarah Palin’s predictions about “death panels” were accurate.

Key republican leaders have repeatedly shown that they are acting in good faith by coming to the negotiating table with compromises (delaying key aspects of Obamacare instead of outright defunding it) and offers of reasonable modifications to their positions, only to be met with obstinate, bad-faith refusal to meet halfway on the part of democrats and Obama.

Obamacare was never a legitimate bill to begin with: The Supreme Court having ruled that the heart of it is actually a tax, and the Constitution decrees that all tax bills must originate in the House of Representatives–Obamacare originated in the Senate. Far from receiving bi-partisan support, it was rammed down the throats of Americans as a purely partisan democrat project. In its final form, not one single republican in the House of Representatives or Senate voted for it. That is not how honest, representative government is conducted.

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