Hey Christie, Put Your Veto Where Your Mouth Is!


NJ2AS– In New Jersey we are fighting to preserve what little is left of our Second Amendment Rights. The NJ Senate and NJ Assembly has been working overtime since Newtown to strip NJ gun owners of more rights, all while passing 16 out of 22 new gun control laws.

All that remains during the next several weeks is for Governor Christie to VETO them, or, they will be automatically enacted. He has vetoed one bill which would have made it impossible for NJ pensions to invest in profitable gun related corporations. The worst are still sitting on his desk. One particularly heinous bill, S2723, would change our current lifetime Firearms ID Cards into a 4 year renewable magnetic strip on our driver’s license, monitored and managed by the NJ Dept of Motor Vehicles.

This bill also prohibits internet or out of State ammo sales and requires many costly hours of NJ approved training. Of course, this magnetic strip can only be read by NJ FFLs, in essence preventing out of State firearm sales and ammo sales as well as private sales.

If the training requirement sounds familiar, that’s because it resembles the old Jim Crow voting laws in the South. They want NJ gun owners to have to pay in order to exercise a Constitutional Right. That is just the gist of one bill and there are 14 others equally heinous.

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