Here’s A New Year Biblical Message For Those Deemed ‘Least Likely To Succeed’


In this little screed I hope to help you defy the way you think about all the sucky stuff that keeps most people curled up in the fetal position wetting their big “Woe-Is-Me” diaper instead of cowboying up and playing the man.

So… without further ado let’s check out David’s dilemmas… dilemmas, little kiddies, that David wouldn’t allow to hamstring him.

1. David was not liked by his family.  According to this book called “The Bible” David had two half-sisters (1 Chron. 2:13-16) and the father wasn’t old Jesse but some cat named Nahash (2 Sam.17:25, 2 Sam.10:2) who was a king to the Ammonites. Which could mean the boy’s old lady could’ve been the second wife of Jesse.

If the above deduction is spot on, it would explain why David’s bros considered themselves better than David and also explain why he got overlooked when Samuel sought to anoint a king from Jesse’s brood (1 Sam.16:11).

To leap further down the tawdry funnel, it also could mean that Jesse was bumping uglies with some other lady who was married to another man and she got preggers.  Good Lawd!  This is Honey-Boo-Boo-Reality Show stuff.

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