Helping the Victims of Islam: ‘Liberty Relief International’


I am thrilled to announce the official online launch of “Liberty Relief International” (LRI), the humanitarian relief arm of Liberty Counsel’s family of ministries.

As you may know, over the past several months Liberty Counsel has had the tremendous privilege of partnering with Eric Watt and RUN Ministries on what I believe has been one of the most important humanitarian efforts of our lifetime.

We first connected with Eric and his RUN team in August of last year, right as hundreds of thousands of Christians and other persecuted minorities were literally fleeing for their lives from ISIS terrorists. The brutality and inhumanity of ISIS ethnic and religious cleansing has shocked the nations of the world. Those shockwaves strongly reverberated through the faith-based community here in the United States.

Our connection with RUN gave Liberty Counsel members a very practical and effective way to respond to this historic humanitarian crisis. Thousands of Liberty Counsel friends stepped forward to help, demonstrating amazing generosity. As a result, Liberty Counsel’s friends and supporters have become key partners in helping rescue more than 100,000 refugees from ISIS brutality.
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