Heads Up: Hate Crime Reporting Act–One More Limit on Free Speech


by Gena Michael

This country’s primary foundation was built on freedom. The Founding Fathers deemed freedom so essential to the republic they built that they created the 1st Amendment to ensure that all citizens would forever be able to speak their minds freely—even if it was against those who governed them. In fact, freedom of speech was one of the primary motivating factors of the Pilgrims to leave England and start a new, free life here. Despite dark times in this country’s past that certainly did not abide by this virtue, I’d say we’ve done a pretty darn good job at maintaining Americans’ God given rights.

Want to call the President an idiot? Go ahead. Feel like running down the street in a Speedo? More power to you, bro. You’re allowed to protest, gather, and proclaim your opinions without the fear of your government punishing you or limiting your right to free speech. With freedom comes the good, the bad, and the sometimes very ugly—no matter what. The 1st amendment doesn’t come with exceptions and it has not waivered when the message is unpopular or controversial. Compared to how people are living and being treated in places like Syria for merely existing, we Americans have it made.

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