We’re Headed Toward a Socialist Wasteland, Rand Paul


by Joe Wurzelbacher

I’ve watched Rand Paul for a couple years now. He came into office strong with a no-nonsense attitude, swept in by the Tea Party back when that was cool – before we allowed the liberal media to define us as a bunch of racist rednecks.

Recently, at the launch of Brent Bozell’s new “Media Research Center Latino” in Washington, Rand Paul said the following: “Republicans need to work harder to convey their empathy to Hispanic voters…” Well isn’t that just pander-iffic?

Can’t you hear the ‘Republican Establishment Singers’ smiling and swaying in the background like members of the Mickey Mouse Club, singing their theme song?
All together now:
E-S-T …
Y… ”
(yeah okay, not enough letters – so sue me)

So what happened Rand?

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