Hawaii Judge Continues His Meddling Into National Security


Donald Trump’s temporary travel ban has once again been stymied by an overactive federal judge in Hawaii who is buddies with Barack Obama.

President Trump’s campaign promise was fairly simple and straight forward:  We will execute a temporary ban on travel to America from nations with a long and tumultuous history of anti-American terrorist actions in order to create and implement a truly effective vetting process in order to keep Americans safe.

On paper it seems so simple.  It’s common sense to the umpteenth degree.  We have terrorists who are admitting to exploiting the Syrian refugee crisis in order to spread their lone wolf operatives all across the globe, yet the leftists and globalists of the world continue to pursue their dream of wide open borders and fluid national sovereignty.  It’s dangerous, and Donald Trump recognized that.

One of Trump’s first actions after taking over the Oval Office was an executive order banning travel into America from nations with extremely well-known links to terrorism.  That executive order was subsequently smashed by a liberal judge who claimed that it was discriminatory.

Trump, not one to go quietly into the night, then revised his national security measure and pass another executive order to protect the welfare of America.

Yet again, this Presidential decree was blocked by a federal judge, although this time, there was some obvious interaction between this judge and former President Barack Obama, who had already been chastised for his creation of a team of Washington experts aimed at keeping tabs on Trump from the inside.  In fact, just hours after the ban was blocked by this judge in Hawaii, he was having dinner with Obama.

Now, this same interfering judge in Hawaii has extended his ruling on Trump’s necessary travel ban.

“The block placed on President Trump’s revised travel ban was extended by a federal judge in Hawaii on Wednesday, according to reports.

“U.S. District Judge Derrick Watson has extended the March 15 temporary restraining order until the state’s lawsuit against the Trump administration has been resolved.

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