Hate Crime Laws Intensify “Class Warfare” and should Be Abolished


“Class Warfare ” is an evil and devious political tool used increasingly by the radical left in recent decades to create division in America to advance the Marxist Agenda.   The radical left, emboldened by the divisive and totalitarian rule pursued by our ruthless ” President “, Barack Obama, has succeeded in getting numerous ” hate crime ” laws enacted which serve to only intensify the bitter class warfare along racial, ethnic, religious and economic lines.   Mr. Obama and his political allies seek to transform the United States of America into the ” Disintegrating States of America “, and the relatively new concept of ” hate crimes ” accelerates this disintegration by creating wholly new ” victim classes ” allegedly entitled to  ” special rights ” and  ” special protections “.

If we still adhere to the Constitutional principles of ” equal protection under the law, ” as well as in ” liberty and justice for all “, then America has no place for ” hate crime ” laws that produce special rights and privileges for specific subcultures or specific classes of Americans.   Hate crime laws are intensifying class warfare and creating an “entitled ” mentality for specific minority groups, as a new tactic of “reverse discrimination “.  For these reasons and others, “hate crime laws ” must be abolished.

The notorious murders in 1998 of James Byrd in Texas, who was African-American and of Matthew Shepherd in Wyoming, who was homosexual, received national attention in the media and rightfully so, as heinous crimes.   However, both also received a higher level of media attention because both were labeled as “hate crimes”; Byrd, due to his race and Shepherd because of his homosexuality. Clearly in my view and assuredly in the minds of millions of Americans, the perpetrators of these vicious murders deserved the death penalty.   However, we ought not imply that these murders were more heinous because the victims happened to be black, as with Mr. Byrd, or homosexual, as in the case of Mr. Shepherd.

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