Has Obama Won The War Against Guns?


by Pat Henry

The Obama regime works very much like a prize fighter. It keeps pounding you from all sides simultaneously so that you don’t know where the next blow is going to come from. You can’t get your defenses together because you don’t know where to direct them. Actually, it is more like being attacked by a street gang. There are so many of them, raining blows from all sides, that they overwhelm you with their sheer number.

That has been the Obama strategy for advancing his far Leftist agenda since Day 1 of his takeover of the government. He uses attack at multiple points of weaknesses in a Blitzkrieg fashion. That is why speed is so important. That is why Nanny Botox Pelosi said it was important to pass the “health care” legislation quickly, “So that we would have a chance to see what is in it”, but after the fact. Speed is of the essence because you have to keep the public off guard. You have to strike quickly while they are distracted.

There is no secret that the Obama administration is anti-gun. Anti-gun, that is, for our citizenry. They are ultra-pro-gun when it comes to Homeland Security and other Federal agencies that he keeps putting in place to control the citizenry should they ever stop drinking the Kool Aid supplied by the Administration and the lame stream press.

Obama has used every tragedy involving guns since he took office to grandstand for more gun control, despite the fact that his controls would generally have either not had any effect on the commission of the crimes, or would have made matters worse. The fact that existing controls, such as “gun free zones” demonstrably contribute to these crimes is never brought out by the media, of course.

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