Harvey Weinstein at UCLA: Liberal Illogic on Display


by Marilyn Assenheim

Image via cinemafestival / Shutterstock.com

In a world spinning out of control so rapidly that even hiding under one’s bed isn’t safe anymore, why would anyone talk about the likes of Hollywood producer, Harvey Weinstein? Because, in the wake of CPAC, Weinstein, in a keynote speech at UCLA’s 38th Entertainment Symposium, exposed the very core of the liberal psychosis Conservatism faces in the 2014 elections and beyond.

Weinstein has an impressive CV; co-creator of Miramax, he has produced over 283 films. He’s won an Oscar. He has stage plays and television productions to his credit. He’s even won an OBE in recognition for his work to the British film industry. In short, he is an undisputed mogul and a powerhouse of American industry. Unfortunately Weinstein’s orientation is representative of what is acceptable in today’s liberal culture. He is a zealous and unapologetic statist. That means that his ideology can encompass two completely conflicting demands without causing ructions.

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