Harvard Must Face Its Affirmative Action Victims


America’s oldest and most prestigious institution of higher learning, Harvard University, has found itself on the wrong end of a lawsuit filed by a coalition of sixty-four Asian and Asian-American groups. The plaintiffs allege that the university’s admissions policies are discriminatory; which, in fact, they are. Asian applicants must meet higher academic standards than any other racial or ethnic group. That’s usually called discrimination.

I will part ways with most conservatives here and say that I hope the Asian plaintiffs lose their case, though not because I like Harvard’s discriminatory policy. I hate it. The only thing more loathsome than their policy, however, is private sector nondiscrimination laws which are intrusive and arbitrarily enforced. Granted, I believe that Harvard should lose its federal funding, though not because it practices racial discrimination. Harvard should be weaned from the government teat because it’s private. The taxpayer shouldn’t have to subsidize any private university.

Nonetheless, the lawsuit serves an important purpose—to show the world that affirmative action has real victims. Many of those victims are white, of course, but whites don’t enjoy much sympathy in our society. White people, and only white people, are held responsible for all the terrible misdeeds of their ancestors. Even whites not descended from slave owners or Indian-killing frontiersmen are guilty, if only because they share a similar complexion. That’s close enough.

It’s more difficult, however, to explain to a Pakistani or Korean teenager why he has to meet higher standards than everyone else including those white oppressors who rig(ged) the game to their own benefit. The average Asian admitted to Harvard has an SAT score 140 points higher than his white counterpart, 270 points higher than his Hispanic counterpart, and 450 points higher than his black counterpart.

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