Harry Reid is an Anti-American Hack


by Rodney Lee

Someone please prove me wrong about Harry Reid being the ultimate in corrupt, party-before-country, untrustworthy, political hack.

Harry Reid says; “Rich people want to pay more taxes.” Where is the proof for that? Where are the throngs of rich people who pay extra taxes now – which they are perfectly within their rights to do so?

Where are all the rich people who don’t take advantage of loopholes, corporations, who don’t keep copious records of expenses, create tax dodges, hire accountants, lawyers, consultants, and spend a fortune in an effort to not pay taxes?

Harry Reid came to the Senate of modest means, but now he’s rich: Do you think he pays more in taxes than he’s supposed to?

Do you think the people collecting bags of cash on his behalf claim all the money they’re supposed to?

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it until everyone finally understands: Big business and large corporations do not pay taxes. These guys have an army of accountants ready to determine how to legally avoid taxes through laws passed by the government. Once they figure that out, then they increase prices to the products they make which again hurts middle-class America.

Consumers pay the taxes. Wages are suppressed. The Fed prints money, which makes your dollars and savings worth less. Your investments return less and less. Nearly nothing, have you noticed? The Fed is literally screwing you and you do nothing about it. You’re taking it.

And while we’re on the subject – what about these idiot actors who make millions, then run around saying they think they should be paying more? You don’t think they have corporations to avoid taxes? Think they don’t contribute to SEP-IRA’s in order to keep large swaths of their income safe from the tax-man? Don’t think there’s an off-shore account or two connected to Hollywood?

Because if you don’t think there’s a high-paid CPA or two in Southern California working overtime to keep the Executive Producer’s and Movie Star’s money where it belongs – in the earner’s pockets – you’re as dumb as they are.

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