Hail to the Social Engineer-in-Chief


Liberals are ecstatic and swoon when they hear his words of experience. On the other hand, conservatives believe his words are race-baiting and cause dissension. Lawyers read between the lines and believe he feels the Department of Justice has no reason to continue down their current path, yet he won’t say it publicly.

How does one unannounced visit to a White House briefing bring about a variety of different reactions? This is what our Social Engineer in Chief does so well: distract citizens and redirect the debate.

We don’t really have a President in this country anymore. We have a person who holds office only to mold and convert citizens to a way of thinking, which is an ideology and universal thought process that will supposedly unite a nation and bring about change for all.

Our country has certainly changed.

Societal issues are accepted differently than they were in past decades. Parents used to send pregnant teens to their aunt’s house out of town when they became pregnant, to “hide the situation”. Now we have television shows on cable glamorizing such circumstances.

Magazines, usually reserved for discussions of music and the world around it, have now traveled so deeply into other societal conversations they put photos of bombers on the cover. They are sending the message to teens and others, who may struggle with violence issues, that they too can become famous and make the cover of a well-known magazine with a bomb and a backpack.

In response to such thoughtless acts, policemen risk their careers, for the sake of setting the record straight, to show the reality of terrorism and violence. These are true heroes, yet they are becoming characterized as criminals.

Citizens are no longer in control. Discussion topics and issues are now socially engineered by the mainstream media, lawyers and politicians. Certainly, as Conservatives we still have our beliefs, which are perfectly acceptable if stored away in the confines of our homes and hearts. Don’t reveal them, for fear of persecution and being labeled as a hater.

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