Guns, Race…and ‘Justice’


My support of the 2nd Amendment is widely known; and it has little to do with ‘hunting rights’ or even ‘resisting an oppressive, tyrannical government’. It has more to do with protection of life and property — you know, that old notion of protecting your family. Being the one who ‘stokes the fire and stands guard at the mouth of the cave’. All politics are local.

This summer may be heating up – and it has nothing to do with ‘Climate Change’. It has to do with an ever-increasing racial tension that has been fomented and even encouraged by this current administration.
In order to ‘fundamentally change’ the country, Barack Obama needed first to divide us all. Divide us into different economic groups, religious groups, social groups… and ultimately, in order to ram through his high-tax, highly restrictive and over-regulated economic policies, he needed to divide us by race. Obama needed something to blame for his failures (other than his own incompetency) so he early on blamed ‘racism’ for his troubles.

It was racism that prevented Republicans from getting on board with his agenda. It was racism that was responsible for his sagging poll numbers.

It was racism that fueled the revelation of the numerous scandals plaguing the administration: Fast & Furious, Benghazi, NSA snooping, IRS targeting, Syria missteps, Egypt floundering… on and on…

Yes, it’s a stretch to pile ‘racism’ onto the growing ‘Scandal-O-Rama’ heap… but that’s not heavy-lifting for this biased and in-the-tank-for-Obama mainstream media. No sir. They’re the smart ones, dontcha know. Trust them, they’ll explain it all for us Luddites in flyover country. And they’ll use really simple words so we don’t get headaches, too! Words like ‘tolerance and diversity’…and ‘quantitative easing’ …and ‘economic development initiatives’.

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