No Guns Means Safer Citizens


by Mr. Ags

I am always a bit puzzled when I walk towards the front door of a business and there on the door I see that little sign stuck to the window stating that this establishment does not allow guns inside their premises (even legally carried firearms). The reason these proprietors have posted these signs really comes down to two things: 1.) they are listening too much to their lawyers who think that if an act involving a firearm should occur inside their business, and if they didn’t have that sign, they would be condoning this act of violence, or 2.) they don’t like guns and don’t want them in their businesses.

I saw these signs pop up everywhere in Ohio in early 2000 when concealed carry became legal. That was almost 10 years ago and to date I cannot think of one incident where a legal CCW citizen has caused any issues in my state, or gone on a mass shooting spree. In fact, when we look at the past year’s mass shootings they have all occurred in gun-free zones (Aurora, Sandy Hook, and the Navy Yard). Gun-free zones clearly don’t work. They work about as well as a condom ad posted in an abortion clinic. I would like to see the statistics where a criminal was deterred when they saw a “No Firearms” sign. So what can you do when you see that sign?


1. Don’t do business there. In fact, call the business and ask to speak with the owner/manager. When they get on the phone tell them you wanted to come into their establishment, but that you were turned away at the door. When they ask why tell them that as long as that sign hangs in their window that they won’t see any of you or your fellow legal CCW friends/families business. It’s just a matter of safety for our friends/families.

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