Gun Owner’s Property Stolen By Police Returned After Federal Lawsuit Settled


In a case rife with police corruption and officers acting with vindictive immorality, the city of Cleveland faced losing BIG in a 5th Amendment case brought by Derrick Washington who had his property stolen by police.

The case stemmed back to an incident in the morning of February 10th, 2013. Washington called the police at 2:09 in the morning to report a shooting in the 2800 block of East 116th Street. When officers arrived on scene Washington informed them that he had a valid concealed carry permit and that his firearm was in his car.

In lieu of doing any real police work that might involve looking for the actual shooter, the police officers involved at this point decided to arrest Washington. The report they filed reported that he told them that he had been drinking. Washington was arrested and charged with using weapons while intoxicated and illegally carrying a concealed weapon.

This is when that corruption and jackbooted immorality I spoke to comes into play.

The report the police filed states that Washington told them he had 2 vodka drinks, a claim he denies. Yet he is arrested in part due to the trumped up charge with using weapons while intoxicated. You would think that the officers would back up this charge with something like…oh I don’t know…a BREATHALYZER! But no, all we have to go on is that they said he was intoxicated.

On the second charge, how could Washington be charged with illegally carrying a concealed weapon when A) he didn’t have it on him and B) had a concealed carry permit?

Because the officers claim that Washington didn’t IMMEDIATELY inform them that he had a gun in his car.

That speaks as loudly to the idiocy of the law as it does to the corruption of the cops who just used the law to slap another baseless charge against Washington. What was Washington to do when the police arrived, run up to them and before saying anything else just start shouting that he had a gun? I’m sure that would have worked out well for him.

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