Gun-Free European Citizens are Arming Themselves


Europe has accepted one and all, indiscriminately allowing anyone who is able to walk, ride or float into their countries. And amongst the “refugees” are thousands of ISIS jihadists.

And more than any other to date, their destination has been Germany mostly because of the generous German welfare system.

There are other reasons Germany is the destination of choice for al-Baghdadi’s jihadists. Germany is the most powerful economically of all the E.U. nations. Therefore, by default, it is the de facto head of the Union. Baghdadi knows that in order to conquer Europe, Islamey must first overwhelm its strongest member. Also, Germany is one of the least defended European countries.

According to the 2012 National Gun Registry, only 1.4 million people own firearms out of a population of nearly 83 million. Frankly, they’re ripe for the picking.

But as their pitiful leadership struggles to allow more migrants (and ISIS killers) in, the general public, the average European citizen, isn’t just sitting still. Austria appears to be taking the lead.

Weapons sales are soaring in Austria. In a country with about 8.5 million people, there is said to be almost 1 million guns. That’s close to the number in Germany which has a population 10 times larger.

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