Gun control group sues New Jersey for ignoring law mandating ‘smart guns’


by Nate

In 2002, New Jersey passed legislation requiring that all firearm sales in the state consist only of so-called “smart guns” within three years of the technology being commercially available anywhere in the United States. The trigger for this action is determined by the state Attorney General once “a smart gun prototype is safe and commercially available.” Up until now, there has been no “smart gun” product available as the market for such a device is often met with great opposition from gun rights supporters due to fears of regulation and laws specifically like that in New Jersey which would mandate only the sale of weapons the state designates as “smart.” If you’re unfamiliar with the technology, “smart guns” would contain mechanisms such as a fingerprint scanner or be tied to some device like a wristwatch which would need to be in close proximity for the weapon to fire. In theory, it sounds fine for consumption on the free market. If you like your “dumb gun,” you can keep your “dumb gun,” right? Wrong.

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