Guest Writer James Patrick Riley: Fearless, Wine-drinking Warriors for Christ


by James Patrick Riley

Anno Domini: King Jesus

Something went terribly wrong with the Christian faith in the 19th century, and we’re paying the price for it today.

Mind you, as a believer, I know that nothing can stop Christ’s true church, the great invisible army led by the Lord of Hosts, as it marches to victory through the ages — but men of the pulpit fall victim to bad teaching, to sloth, to their own private spiritual addictions, and when that happens, it cannot be stated too dramatically: civilization suffers, children die, women are raped, the Islamic horde rages, and politicians sell their souls for another few years in office.

To understand the church’s present sickness, we need to remember its true role. In Matthew 16:18, Jesus describes His church as being so strong “the gates of hell” will not prevail against it. Since gates aren’t generally designed to march, that’s a picture of a church literally knocking down the gates of the evil empire, and replacing it with the Kingdom of God.

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