My Grownup Christmas Wish


by Michele Holt

I don’t know about you, but this Christmas season has been hard to find the “joy” in the midst of so much negative. Many households are struggling just to make ends meet after losses in income, increase in costs of living and now skyrocketing healthcare costs. Some families experienced tragedy and sadness in the loss of loved ones or close friends. Divorce rates rise the highest during the holiday season which means families torn apart and if children are involved, the reality of a broken family is all too certain to grasp. Each day passes and it is a concerted effort to just find something positive in the day. Sound familiar?

My wish for you and for our country is that in these tough times we pray. As a person who considers herself a Christian, the struggles we all face now or have faced in our lives is part of why our faith in a higher purpose is so important. That faith is what brings people together to make a difference, however small we feel it may be. If you belong to a church become involved. Even if you feel you have no talent (which we all have talent in some form) become a volunteer and greet people as they walk through the church doors, or hand out the church program as people enter the worship center. Be a part of your churches prayer group and pray for your fellow man. Your smile may make the difference to someone’s life that day and may even be that difference in yours that was needed. When we give to our favorite charity or volunteer at a homeless dinner, we are showing our love for our fellow man. We are showing our faith to others in service. I’ve just listed a few small examples but if you find some way to give back, watch how good you feel in the process.

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