Ground Zero Mosque Developer Planning to Go Ahead with Mosque


The news is reporting yet another lawsuit against the now notorious Ground Zero Mosque developer, Sharif el-Gamal. Regular Atlas readers are well acquainted with this devout, deadbeat hustler who has been sued multiple times for back taxes, rent, bank loans, and other shady dealings.

What is most interesting about this latest lawsuit, apart from confirming what a lowlife he is, is this new piece of information. Gamal now plans to build a “39-story tower and downsized mosque” in the very same building damaged by landing gear in the 911 attacks. Who would want to live there? ISIS?

Notice how the building changes with every new news report. After we successfully defeated the Ground Zero mosquestrosity, Gamal hired himself a top gun PR firm. The mosque would no longer be built. Instead, he was going to take the three-story building and turn it into a Museum of Islam. He would need a helluva lot more than three floors if he was count its victims (he wasn’t). More like a Museum of Taqiyya. Then he said he would be building condos. According to the print version of this New York Post article, Gamal now plans to build a “39-story tower and downsized mosque.” So the snake is still trying to build a mega-mosque in a building destroyed in the 9/11 attacks. Despite the uproar, pain, humiliation and offense. Tell us again about mutual respect, mutual understanding and *cough* interfaith dialogue.

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