Great read: The KinderGarden of Eden: How the Modern Liberal Thinks


by Allen West

I ran into my brother in the fight against progressive socialism, Evan Sayet, last Saturday evening at the David Horowitz Freedom Center “Restoration Weekend” in Palm Beach.

Evan was kind enough to give me an autographed copy of his recent book, The KinderGarden of Eden: How the Modern Liberal Thinks and Why He’s Convinced that Ignorance is Bliss. It’s a great read and only 123 pages long and I highly recommend it if you want to understand the imbecilic nature of today’s modern liberals.

Evan does a great job establishing the difference between the classical liberal thought of John Locke and others as opposed to the post-World War II modern liberalism that plagues our country.

Evan lays out the fundamental laws of modern liberalism:

1. Indiscriminateness – the total rejection of the intellectual process as an absolute moral imperative
2. Indiscriminateness of thought does not lead to indiscriminateness of policies. It leads to siding only and always with the lesser over the better, the wrong over the right, and the evil over the good
3. Modern liberal policies occur in tandem. Each effort on behalf of the lesser is met with an equal and opposite campaign against the better
4. The modern liberal will ascribe to the better the negative qualities associated with the lesser while concurrently ascribing to the lesser the positive qualities found in the better — I call that the “Bizarro World Effect.”

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