Great News: Lois Lerner’s Corrupt Division Of IRS To Review Clinton Foundation Activities…


Republicans in Congress have requested three federal agencies to investigate the Clinton Foundation, following disclosures about its activities that suggests a high-level “pay to play” scheme with Hillary Clinton during her time as secretary of state. The agencies are the FBI, the IRS, and the Federal Trade Commission.

In late July, Commissioner John Koskinen wrote to Rep. Marsha Blackburn (R-TN) that the IRS was on the case. He hasn’t promised a formal investigation; his people will consider whether one is warranted.

The really great news: Koskinen assigned the Clinton Foundation case to the crack investigators in the IRS Tax Exempt and Government Entities Division — the division that has been unfairly targeting conservative (and pro-Israel) non-profits since 2010.

Although it will be the Dallas IRS office looking into the Clinton Foundation, rather than the Cincinnati office at the center of the conservative-targeting controversy, that won’t matter. The complicity of the IRS headquarters in the conservative-targeting effort was established early on – and as the Kimberley Strassel article at WSJ indicates (link above), it’s still happening, even though queenpin Lois Lerner has long since resigned. (She left the IRS in 2013.)

Among the many suspect features of the conservative-targeting case was the IRS’s astounding incompetence with its email system, which supposedly resulted in the catastrophic loss, but eventual miraculous recovery, of thousands of emails from Lois Lerner’s IRS account. (This “loss” was remarkably timed, occurring in June of 2011, just when top IRS officials including Holly Paz were being informed of the conservative-targeting effort. See Fox News link in last paragraph.)

Lerner was also found to be using at least two private email accounts to do IRS business, including one under the alias “Toby Miles.” The use of fake names, for private email accounts used in government business, has been common in the upper levels of the Obama administration.

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