As ‘Government Shutdown’ Looms, Hot Head Democrats Act Like Toddlers


by Carly Hill

“There’s no such thing as a government shutdown. It’s a government slow down.” – Michelle Bachmann

Do not panic. I repeat, do not panic. Tomorrow may be hyped up to be D-day as government funded museums and parks could be shut down and people could lose jobs, but we’re not losing our government. America, as we know it, will not cease to exist.

I just finished watching a great interview between Greta Van Susteren and Michelle Bachmann on the topic. Bachmann explained it so clearly. Here’s the bottom line –

– The House propose that Obamacare be defunded forever.

– The Senate (led by Harry Reid and backed by Obama) said (paraphrased), “We aren’t budging – our way or the highway – Obamacare stays – Republicans are poopy heads.”

-The House makes a compromise. Okay. Defund and delay Obamacare for one year. Makes perfect financial sense. Plus, it will give Congress a chance to reform the bill to fit the needs and desires of the American people.

– Harry Reid and Obama – “Our way or no way. Also, Republicans are poopy heads.”

Those are just the facts, folks (with embellished name-calling). Who is being unreasonable here? The side that says “no compromise” or the side that is willing to compromise, listen to the American people, and be good stewards of our money? They way the Senate speaks of this crisis and behaves looks a lot like a toddler not getting his way. Whereas, the House is acting as the mature adult – disagreeing – being willing to listen – and having the humility and maturity to compromise.

Obama can laugh and strut across stages all he wants telling America that republicans are “blackmailing him” and threatening to shut down the government. But, if liberal Americans would actually stop and listen to what conservatives are saying, then we could actually have a civil conversation and do what works for America.

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