Government Scandals, Failures and Outrages: What’s America Coming to?


What’s this country coming to? This government is totally corrupt. We have a government that is caught red-handed spying on its own population and its allies and our elected representatives are demonizing the whistleblower. We have an IRS that is totally politicized and thumbs its nose at the people’s elected representatives. We have an EPA that makes its own rules and destroys entire industries without any action from Congress. We have a national health care system that the majority of people did not want, nobody read before voting on it and nobody understands it. We have a government that sends arms to a jihadist government in Egypt, murders its own diplomats to cover up illegal arms trades, and now wants to aid jihadists in Syria who are beheading Christians.

We have a Senate full of representatives who want us to trust this government to secure the border while we invite millions who broke the law to suddenly be legalized. And this government wants to take our guns, so we won’t be able to defend ourselves.

To top it all off, we have a Supreme Court that thumbs its nose at God. We are a people without boundaries. The NYC pride parade chants, “Weiner, Weiner” to support a disgraced pervert who texts pictures of his weiner. He now leads in the polls. We are completely post modern. In fact, we are “off our rocker.” We’ve become Sodom. Bork was right!

What is a sane person to do? First, we need to change the Speaker of the House who is the second person in the line of succession after the President and Vice President. My choice would be Darrel Issa. John Boehner has shown himself to be weak and clueless about the evil being perpetrated upon us. He would not have the courage to do what must be done.

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