Government by Intimidation: Identifying the Real Terrorists


“Terrorism” was originally defined in the Oxford English Dictionary as “government by intimidation.”

As another self-incriminating video has surfaced exposing Planned Parenthood’s crimes against humanity (1 John 3:12), one has only to ask themselves, why is the Department of (In)Justice appointed to hunt down those who are filming the crimes of Planned Parenthood rather than arrest those who are committing the crimes? There is no coercion.  The truth is coming out of the abundance of their wicked hearts (Matthew 12:34), and furthermore, “Planned Parenthood” has made their murderous position very clear through their founder Margaret Sanger.

Sanger suggested:  “The most merciful thing that a large family can do to one of its infant members is to kill it.”

On blacks, immigrants and indigents, Sanger said that they are “…human weeds, reckless breeders, spawning….human beings who should never been born.”
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