How Government Bureaucracy Destroys Everything – Seriously Everything…


by Dave Eagle

The American Cheese Society: From Michael Pollan to Michael Taylor in Four Years – Building a Wall of Ignorance

“Our food system depends on consumers’ not knowing much about it beyond the price disclosed by the checkout scanner. Cheapness and ignorance are mutually reinforcing. And it’s a short way from not knowing who’s at the other end of your food chain to not caring – to the carelessness of both producers and consumers. Of course, the global economy couldn’t very well function without this wall of ignorance and the indifference it breeds.” Pollan, Michael, The Omnivore’s Dilemma, Penguin Press, New York, 2006 at 245.

Just when you think there may be a ray of hope that people in general are waking up, some little event occurs that makes you shake your head in disgust. Such an event makes you wonder whether there is truly a gradual awakening or, in reality, that humanity is merely marching lock step like lemmings into the sea of oblivion.

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