Gov Cuomo endorses actions by retired cop who killed rude movie theater patron


A retired police officer shot two people, one fatally, during a cell phone dispute inside a Florida movie theater yesterday.

71 year old, retired Tampa, FL cop Curtis Reeves asked 43 year old Chad Oulson to stop texting during the movie. When Chad refused Curtis left to alert staff. Upon his return Chad asked if Curtis went and told on him at which point an argument broke out.

At this point, Curtis took out his sidearm and shot Chad Oulson and his wife Nicole. Chad would die of his wounds.


UPDATE: According to the police report the incident took place during the previews and not the movie itself. Reeves is attempting to claim self defense as a bag of popcorn was thrown at him. Witnesses claim no physical contact occurred between the two men (save the popcorn) before Reeves shot and killed Oulson. The report can be read here: Police Report on Theatre Shooting


While this did happen in Florida, Governor Cuomo has gone on the record and passed legislation ensuring that retired police officers have the ability to murder innocent unarmed people.

How is this?

Because under the SAFE Act and subsequent amendments to it, Police Officers are special citizens who have rights above those of regular citizens. One of those rights is that they are exempted from having to follow the SAFE Act to begin with.

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