GOP May Have Majority but They Don’t Have Control


By Wednesday morning, November 5, 2014, Republicans were celebrating across the land that they had won control of the Senate and increased their lead over Democrats in the House. They believed that with control of both the Senate and House that they could accomplish a great deal and even reverse a number of Obama’s socialist policies.

Many republicans ran on campaigns of fixing or repealing Obamacare including the individual and employer mandates along with restoring our constitutional rights. Many of them also vowed to reverse Obama’s flagrantly illegal immigration program and uncontrolled spending.

However, just holding a majority does not give Republicans control, as they are finding out.

Republicans were finally able to pass a bill to approve and partially fund the Keystone XL Pipeline, but as promised, Obama quickly vetoed the bill. It takes 67 votes in the Senate to override an Oval Office veto, but Republicans only hold 54 seats, meaning that they would need to sway 13 Democrats to vote with them. The last I knew, Senate Republicans had mustered up 9 votes among their political opponents, but are still 4 votes shy of overriding Obama’s veto.

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