GOP, Dems Slamming Trump Over ‘Muslim Question’ Reveals Their Treason


Republican contender Donald Trump is now being excoriated by establishment elites in the GOP and Democrat Party for “failing to correct” a questioner at a town hall event in Rochester, N.H. who stated that President Obama is Muslim, and referenced U.S.-based jihadi training camps.

An article on even stated that the questioner in question “incorrectly stated President Obama is Muslim” (emphasis mine).

And does Fox News know with certainty that Obama is not Muslim? Has the news organization decided to reside among the fools who continue to contend that Obama is a Christian simply because the putrescent serial liar says so?

Although I doubt it is the case, one might argue that Trump may not have corrected the person at the town hall event because Trump himself – like many of us – doesn’t know one way or the other if Obama is or is not Muslim.

In any case, it was gratifying to actually hear a town hall meeting participant speak to these issues without getting shut down, even if Obama’s religion – assuming he has one at all – remains in question. It was very gratifying to finally hear one of the candidates address the fact that “Obama is waging a war against Christians in this country,” which Trump said in a statement today. “Christians need support in this country. Their religious liberty is at stake.”
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