Google Devices Recording Your Conversations! Here’s How to Delete Them


The great Orwellian nemesis known as Big Brother is known by many names in the 21st Century:  Facebook.  Twitter.  Apple.  Google?

It is already nearly impossible to walk down a street in any noteworthy town an not be spotted by some form of surveillance.  There are cameras at nearly every intersection.  There are RFID chips in your bank card.  Heck, even your income has been reduced to lines of code inside of a computer inside your local Wells Fargo.  Truly nothing is private anymore.

It’s the desensitization to this invaded privacy that will usher in the next death of the American Dream.  Generations to come will never have known a time in which they weren’t accounted for by some faceless father figure, tracking and recording their every move and purchase and web search.  Now, smart devices in the home are exponentially expanding the reach of the Orwellian overlords, turning the average American into a piece of data.  Worse yet, they may be storing our conversations any time that we are within earshot.

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