Are You Going to Give Your Fingerprint to a Smartphone?


by Carly Hill

If you’re a fan of this site, you’re probably really cool, so you’ve probably already heard about the new iPhones that allow you to do everything by using your fingerprint. When I first heard about this, I thought “Cool! I could be a secret spy…I could be like Alias!”

But then, I heard Eric Yaverbaum, the associate publisher of Social Media Magazine, talk about how the new smartphone is the end to privacy.

As cool and convenient as it is to pay for everything with the touch of your finger and as amazing it is that your phone can track whether you’re walking or running and as incredible it is that your smart devises track what you do and what you like and can practically predict what you’re going to do in the future…what’s the consequence?

Most of us have the “I don’t have anything to hide” attitude. I mean, look at the things we post on Facebook. But, do we have a choice in the matter? Seriously. The way the world functions has drastically changed in the last twenty years is unreal.

On Sunday, my pastor talked about how 9 to 5 is done with. The new norm is being available to everyone 24/7 and working pretty much all the time. There’s something luxurious about that. Take my job, for instance. I’m an editor and a writer and I usually have the flexibiliy to work when it’s convenient for me, as long as I get it done. Most of the time-consuming, in-depth work that I do happens after 10 p.m. It’s great to be able to work for the company I do while living in a different city. And I couldn’t do any of this without my iPad and my iPhone and my wi-fi. So, I’m not giving it up any time soon.

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