God’s Word to Persecuted Christians: ‘I Will Curse Those Who Curse You’


by Doug Giles

On December 7th, 1983, at twenty-one years of age, I became a Christian. My conversion was similar to that of Saul of Taurus’ in that it was radical, dramatic and I didn’t come willingly. No, I didn’t hear voices from heaven, I wasn’t on horseback, and no, I didn’t receive some apostolic anointing. My point is that I sure as heck wasn’t on some spiritual quest looking for answers to life’s deepest questions when God collided with moi.

Rather, I was looking to get high, get laid and get by and that was it. I didn’t want to be good, better my life, or follow Jesus. I was a Judas Priest, Hell Bent For Leather-type who was one audition away from the lead role in Beavis and Butthead. Yes, I was a Beavis. But God had other plans for my life and dragged my sorry backside into his glorious kingdom on that fateful day, and I am forever grateful for that.

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