GOD’S JUDGING AMERICA: Giving Us Gutless Leaders and Effeminate Men


by Doug Giles

Hey, reader: have you ever noticed the lack of men in our culture nowadays?

You haven’t?

Well, then allow me to be the first to tell you that you’re either…

a. Blind, undoubtedly deaf and you probably live in a van down by the river.

b. You’re simply not paying attention.

c. You are too young to have a historical reference point to when men were actually men and not giddy and roughed X-Factor hopefuls, or turkey-necked, unprincipled politicians, or earring sporting “ministers” of the “gospel”.

d. All of the above.

Now … please note that I didn’t say males but men; mature and responsible, demon-threatening machines who love leadership, the struggle and aren’t afraid to face head on internal or external obstacles and rank rubbish without crying like a chick about it.

This type of man is symbolized biblically in the prophet, patriarch, warrior and wild man; this is whom I am talking about as being more absent from our milieu than Miley Virus would be during an Os Guinness discussion about the leadership merits of Washington, Wilberforce and Solzhenitsyn.

I think this en masse societal distancing from masculinity and the systematic wussification of the male imago in a puerile environment of political correctness is more than just a flighty phenomenon. I think it’s a divine judgment.

I’m beginning to think old Yahweh is allowing this nation’s emasculation and letting American men morph into one big mangina. It’s not as dramatic as his previous plagues, but its effective, none-the-less, once the Peter Pans begin to rule the roost.

Yep, I still believe there is a God, and yes, I believe he’s still in the business of kicking a nation’s ass if it gets out of line; and by the looks of things, we’re out of line. Like, way out. Like, way, way, way out of line.

Like it or not, in biblical times God, if you take the Scripture straight, as I do my whisky, waylaid his wayward people when they became contumacious.

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