God, In “Plane” Sight


To truly move forward in your Christian discipline it is crucial to constantly weigh your experiences with perspective.

What I mean by that is everyone has at one time, or eventually will, experience situations in their life that will be challenging. Ironically it’s overcoming those challenges with a balanced perspective that is part of what makes humans distinctive in the universe.

I had a potentially challenging situation today that allowed for me the opportunity to choose my perspective, to challenge me to grow in my faith, stay stagnate or to go backwards. Of course in order for the Lord to truly be able to make any headway in your life, He has to challenge you in areas that you have found difficult to defeat in the past.

One of my many Achilles’ heels, (though technically you shouldn’t have more than two “heels” unless you are multi-footed, which means you have a much bigger problem then some measly old temptation).

Mine is air travel. Let’s see, I HATE airports, airplanes, packaged peanuts, seatbelt usage technical support, crash advice, turbulence, TSA, shoe removal, and the myriad of other procedures one must go through in order to get on a flight that often times as not is going to leave late if at all.

Today the pilot informed us that the computer needed to be reset before take off so hopefully it will only take a few minutes. Translated in airplane speak, “ you are going to be very late and most likely miss your connection.”

He also mentioned without shame that the computer would need to be reset by a maintenance technician. Ok, how secure should one feel about a pilot that can fly you 35,000 feet in the air and land without crashing, but has a hard time turning his computer on?

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