God, Guns and Our Constitutional Right to Cling to Both of Them


by Julie Klose

When Aaron Alexis massacred twelve people at the Washington D.C. Naval Yard it was an all too familiar tragedy in America. There is no way to write or even express the sadness for the families of those victims or for those who were wounded in the senseless tragedy. However, what is also too familiar in this country is the political and media posturing that takes place right after this type of attack. The political agendas that immediately followed these shootings and the voices that came out in protest for political gain was disgusting.

A recent example of this type of grotesque posturing recently came from Tennessee Congressman Steve Cohen. He used the aftermath of the Naval Yard’s shootings to complain about both Republicans and Democrats and the roadblock of getting more votes in the U.S. Senate to pass more gun control legislation. He blamed it on the culture of “guns and the Bible (or God)” and the “right-wingers”.

Here’s his brief interview on MSNBC:

Representative Cohen seems to be completely out of touch with reality. For any politician to blame a culture of “guns and the Bible” as the reasoning more votes cannot be passed in the Senate for gun control is a blatant misunderstanding of what it means to be an American. The people Mr. Cohen represents from the state of Tennessee need to understand just how single-minded his comments are regarding this type of legislation. So the following is a break down of just where this so-called culture of “guns and the Bible” hangs in the balance of our Constitution.

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