by Franklin D. Leupp, Sr.

I believe it was a wise man who said: “If you have lived today as if it were your very first day; and if you have lived today as if it were your very last day, you would have lived it most wisely.” I have often thought about how we live each day; most of us, I’m sure, live each day so casually that we miss multitudes of blessings and enrichment. Just think: if we made one new friend every day for a year, we could have 365 attendants at our funeral. Or, if we gave a homeless person $5 every day for a year, he could have $1825 to spend on an old car to sleep in, instead of a roll of cardboard under a bridge. And he could give his cardboard to his best buddy.

Ok, how about doing one good deed a week? Something you have never done before. Think about it: look around and see the opportunities – they don’t have to be monumental, just practical and helpful to someone. You might even volunteer to fix Mr. Obama’s Affordable Healthcare. Well, on second thought, this was meant to be something possible…and worth doing. So, skip the last one. Oh, yeah, try to get an interview with a New York Times reporter to tell them things they should report on: like the mobs and knockout folks being 99% blacks and maybe their reporting could instigate enough enthusiasm among the blind officials of our governments to see straight and curtail the brutality that knows no bounds.

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