Global Warming Hoax – TAKE ACTION


by Victoria Jackson

A letter from Karen Schoen to good citizens who are trying to stand up against the specter of an unconstitutional, United-Nations-dictated future, using the flawed, unreliable science of man-made climate change. (Go to or for truth.)

Dear Americans:

Call and write every congressman, representative, senator, news outlet, social media, and email list you can find.

The truth – Man made climate, GHG, sustainable development, Common Core and every program in America is wrong. Funding for these programs MUST BE STOPPED. Americans are spending billions on programs designed to FAIL.

Regional councils lie to in order to control.

Is your legislator attending a climate conference put on by a regional group funded by our tax dollars to promote propaganda? If so get them the letter below. Read this letter to AG Bondi asking for an investigation.

Americans, the House can stop Executive Orders…
Last Friday, President Obama made another Executive Order proclaiming we will spend even more money we don’t have for a problem that does not exist. The sun controls our climate. The climate is cyclical. Heat, cold, extreme weather has happened before and will happen again. Check history back 200 years, 400 years. You can go back millions of years while checking every 206 years and you will see the same weather pattern. Man has no control. The sun now in hibernation controls our weather. Man can only prepare. Where is Congress?

Obama Lies again and Americans suffer.
Is President Obama telling you to prepare? NO. He lied about Obamacare. He is lying about the climate as well. Pay attention to world weather reports in addition to those in America. You will hear about unprecedented cold which will cause death and starvation.

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