Global Warming and Communist Infiltration of the Church


This week our beloved leader, no doubt in an effort to hide from the realities of his race baiting policies, went to Alaska to lecture us about global warming; again. Carrying on with his usual doomsday rhetoric, President Obama warned of rising seas, more intense storms, abandoned towns and climate refugees spread across the globe. Never mind that there has been no warming for the last nineteen years. That didn’t stop the president from making his trip as dramatic as possible as he climbed Exit Glacier in an effort to draw attention to the melting ice. At least the ice is melting at the glacier as opposed to the Arctic, which is showing record levels of ice despite all the alarmist claims of global warming. The truth is that global warming is just the means in which the global elite are using in their efforts to destroy capitalism and bring us into a global communist government. This was all but admitted by the U.N. Climate chief, Christine Figueres when she stated that global communism was the best way to deal with global warming. Even the world’s most esteemed religious leader, the Pope, has jumped on board the global warming position by stating that global warming is caused by human beings. This is alarming because the number one gas contributing to global warming, according to alarmists, is a gas we are all responsible for putting into the environment; carbon dioxide. To say that humans are responsible and that drastic action needs to be taken, while insisting that communism is the proper way in which to deal with is frightening to say the least. After all, communists have a tendency to kill people that disagree with them.

The Pope will be addressing congress on September 24 to “press them into action” for the sake of saving the planet. Global warming is kind of an odd subject for the Pope to get involved with, especially when so many world leaders are calling on a global communist government in order to stop it. Men of God and communism have absolutely nothing in common. In fact, communism is diametrically opposed to religion as it revolves mostly around dialectical materialism and the theory of evolution to explain its philosophy. In other words, communists see no inherent quality in human beings that explains our existence in any special way. This is why it has been so easy for communists to kill so many people. Their objective is the creation of a perfect society, and there is no moral consequence to murdering those that stand in the way because we are no different than any other animal. If the Pope were truly a man of man of God he would be denouncing all calls for a global communist government even if global warming were a real threat. The fact that he seems to be working to advance the agenda leads one open to the suggestion that perhaps the Pope himself is a communist. This would not be surprising because the communists have been infiltrating the Catholic Church for nearly a century.
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