Germany Reaps the Whirlwind: The Truth About the “Syrian Refugee Crisis”


Germany has taken the lead in admitting refugees—if indeed they are refugees. In August alone, it received a record 104,460. Deutschland has inhaled 435,535 in the first eight months of 2015, and expects to receive a total of 800,000 by year’s end—according to data received from Cheri Nocita Berens, an American woman living in Cairo, Egypt. (Quotes herein are hers, unless indicated otherwise.)

Reuters reports that Germany is already “home to some 4 million Muslims, mostly with Turkish backgrounds,” out of a total of 80 million. This reporter had the good fortune to visit the country many times, some years back; it was a picture postcard come to life, with gingerbread houses and amiable people; girls in dirndl dresses, with the kind of innocence not seen in America since the 1950s. “Never was heard a discouraging word,” is a good way to sum it up. Oh, and it was immaculately safe.

The Germans’ experience with political correctness is an object lesson to Americans who yearn to feel the warm glow of having done a good deed, such as taking in 185,000 desperate refugee families, fleeing war­—as your president plans, over the next two years. But don’t expect the “diversity” to be good for America—especially if he ups the numbers, as he’s likely to do.

Behold, the fruit of the political correctness tree that Germany has eaten:

“At least 80% of the 413,535 refugees that arrived so far in the last eight months are Muslim (according to Central Council of Muslims in Germany). The refugees are mostly male. Of the refugees arriving in Germany in 2014, 71.5% were males between ages 16 and 19. Data for 2015 is not yet available—but so far, it appears to be predominantly Muslim males ages 16-25.” Here’s the kicker, good-deed doers:

“With this large influx of Muslim males came a very dramatic rise in rapes in Germany.”

This has been the experience in Sweden, as well, earning it the title, “The Rape Capital of the West.” But, fear not: your leaders will devise a plan for adjusting to these changes, even as they have in Germany:
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